Master classes and workshops are great learning experiences for universities, film festivals, and cultural institutions.


Seven-day practical hands-on filmmaking workshops are intense filmmaking experiences where students go through the process of making their own short film.

Master Classes

Master Classes consist of Ivana showing her films, explaining her methods of filmmaking, and discussing the power of socially engaging films.

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Select Previous Master Classes and Workshops:


  • Institut für Kulturwissenschaft, Universität Koblenz-Landau, Germany
  • Phoenix Film Festival
  • Free Zone Junior, Free Zone Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Student’s City, Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Seminar, Science Center, Petnica, Serbia
  • Kino Kabare, Festival Interqalactique de l’image alternative 2014, Brest, France
  • Faculty of Media and Communication, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Heinrich-Boll Stiftung European Union, Brussels, Belgium
  • Documentary Club, American University, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
  • School for Visual Anthropology, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Migration Citizenship Education, Berlin, Germany
  • Kino Klub Split, Split, Croatia
  • Supetar Super Film Festival, Brac, Croatia
  • Gypsy/Roma Human Rights Film Festival, New York City, USA
  • International Institute of Social History, Graz, Austria
  • TEDxAUK, Pristina, Kosovo

Filmmaker/Professor Melody Gilbert, American University in Bulgaria:

“Ivana was so inspiring! She was a bundle of heartfelt energy and willing to share so much of herself. When she left, all of my students said they hoped to one day be like her. They (and I) will never forget when Ivana came to AUBG.”

Anna Scholl, master student, Universität Koblenz-Landau:

“My experiences in this workshop were eyes-opening. I was tired in the evenings of hard work we had to do and at the same time satisfied as I’ve never been before. I found “it”, I felt “this is it”, this is what I want to do for the rest of this great life!


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